Perfect Destination and the Best Wine Tour

You may not know about what to expect or where to taste a good wine but do not be afraid. Follow the 7 tips below to enjoy a wine like a pro. We just got back from a great wine tour in Kelowna BC and you too will be able to have the best deals on wine tours now that the summer rush is coming to an end. Here are some tips to get you started.

  1. Ask the experts

Not sure if you’re making the right choice? Consult the waiter who will certainly recommend a wine that will suit the chosen dishes. Of course, if the restaurant has a sommelier, hurry up to appeal to his knowledge. To avoid unpleasant surprises, think of telling the waiter or sommelier how much you intend to pay for the bottle.

  1. Order by the bottle

Unless you and your guest do not drink more than one drink each, order a bottle. Restaurant owners like customers who order by the glass rather than the bottle, because it is much more profitable for them.

  1. Check the label

When the waiter arrives at your table with the bottle ordered, he will show you the label. Check the year. If you ordered a vintage 2006 and the server presents a 2003, the bill may be higher than expected.

  1. What to do with this stopper?

After opening the bottle, the waiter will probably give you the cap. We present it to you so that you can see that its base is wet, which means that the bottle was correctly stored. Also check that it shows no sign of mold, which would ruin the contents of the bottle completely.

  1. How to taste wine

The server will pour a few drops of wine into your cup. It is simply a question of checking that the wine has not been vineyard or that it is not corked. You do not have to be a great expert to recognize one or the other. You will be able to recognize for sure. If so, do not hesitate to report it to the server. Ask him to check himself. He will gladly confirm and replace the bottle. If the sub wine looks ok, tell it clearly to the waiter waiting for your signal to serve. And if it is he who chose this wine, thank him for his wise choice.

  1. Serve yourself

Once the glasses are full, thank the waiter and let him know that you will do the rest of the wine service yourself. Although it may seem nice to see the waiter rush to fill your glass as soon as you have had a sip, know that this is a strategy to push you to consumption in the hope of see you order another bottle before the end of the meal.

  1. Take the rest

There is wine in the bottle at the end of the meal? Ask that you be re-bouched so that you can take it away. You do not need to drink more than you would like, but you do not have to leave wine for the restaurant you pay for anyway. In short, if you are not a connoisseur of wines, do not worry. Follow these tips to enjoy your wine as a sommelier.